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Nutrageous Muffins

Where to begin. This may actually be the most random recipe I’ve ever made. I have been craving chocolate oatmealy muffins. But trying to stick to paleo has me in a dilemma because I have bee…

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Tangy Garlic Wings

Hello world. Guess what you have a pleasure or disappointment of having another post from me. Aysha has been really busy lately so I’ve had to continue to feed myself. If you haven’t no…

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Chorizo stuffed burger with Avocado cream sauce

Can I start this post with simply saying nomnomnomnomnomnom. Tis burger was thebomb.com. If you have noticed my trend in post…I really love grilled food…or given the amount of rain we&#…

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Beef Pad See Ew

Between Aysha and I have really fallen off on uploading new recipes. I also realized, looking back at my post…they are almost all asian influenced. I guess Asian is my favorite genre of food …

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Squash Ice cream

Yeah I said it. Squash ice cream. Prepare for a mindblow. I recently tried a protein ice creamlike dessert Arctic Zero. There is a long list of reasons why its great but the best part is the entire…

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